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Bulk Soaker Hose (means there are no fittings on the hose) .580 OD x 3/8" ID. The hose with the "YELLOW STRIPE".

Buy what you need to customize your own system, using the easy push and twist "compression" fittings. Fittings are black and yellow.

Can be run in lengths up to 100', but not to exceed 500' off one water supply.
GPH is approx. 81 gallons per hour, per 100' at 25 psi, depending on inlet pressure, water hardness.

Shorter lengths will have an increase in gph.

Soaker Hose should be used on flat surfaces not exceeding a 2' rise over 100'.

Use with .580 Poly Tubing to create your header and/or run where "soaker hose" is not needed.

Soaker hose when used properly can help us conserve water. Great to use in flower/vegetable gardens, raised planters, median strips, hanging planters, even as a foundation stabilizer.  Great for trees and vineyards too.

Pressure regulators (mandatory as soaker hose is "low pressure"), filters (200 mesh) is highly recommended. Always use a backflow preventer in any irrigation system to prevent water from backing up into your main water supply.

For use with clear water ONLY. Do not use water from streams, ponds, lakes etc.


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